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Scotlandwell in Bloom  supported Perth and Kinross doors open day 2013, opening on Sunday 22nd between the hours of 1030 and 1530.

Three of our trained storytellers were on-site during the day helping our visitors to understand the historical significance of the well and wash house. There was a huge amount of interest in the interpretation panels in addition to the artifacts on display, many visitors had previously lived in the Portmoak area some travelling from Highland Perthsire and the Carse of Gowrie.

Our visitors appreciated the importance of safeguarding the well and wash house for future generations and shared their life experiences reflecting on how the ‘wash day’ had changed in the last 150 years.

In addition to the ‘Where Poets dream’d’, commemorative fridge magnets, coasters and postcards, Elaine and Trish had made jams and chutneys from locally grown produce, the proceeds of which will go towards the annual maintenance programme linked to the well and wash house.

The Community orchard has indeed started to bear  to bear fruit, and great things are expected for the coming seasons as the still young trees mature.


The Wash House building is now complete, and contains various items of interest associated with its original purpose.  It is viewed by visitors to the area on a fairly frequent basis, some of whom obtain the key and look inside. The Well Road has been improved with temporary repairs, but the long term solution, of returning it to its original state, remains to be achieved.  A survey was carried out in November 2014 to determine whether there would be public support for continuing with this final phase of the Project.  The results were seen as encouraging, and at a meeting on the 10th March 2015, it was decided to proceed with actions designed to obtain funding.
The results of the survey can be seen by using the link below.

Survey results